Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Abrothallus acetabuli Diederich  by Paul Diederich   Abrothallus acetabuli Diederich
Abrothallus bertianus »
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0.5 mm
Abrothallus acetabuli – Luxembourg (Lorr.), Bertrange, on Pleurosticta acetabulum, 2000, Diederich 14408 – © 2006 by P. Diederich

Lichenicolous, on the thallus of Pleurosticta acetabulum, teleomorphic stage always present, anamorphic stage rare.

Belgium: Mosan: RR.

Luxembourg: Lorr.: AR (type locality).

France: Lorr.: RR.

Lit.: Di: 28, LF0: 6 (sub A. parmeliarum), L12: 78, LF1: 298-300.

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