Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Bryoria fuscescens (Gyeln.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.  by Paul Diederich   Bryoria fuscescens (Gyeln.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.
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Bryoria fuscescens – Luxembourg (Ard.), Unterschlinder – © 1998 by Charles Reckinger

Syn.: Alectoria fuscescens Gyeln., A. jubata auct., non (L.) Ach., nom. conf., A. prolixa auct., non (Hoffm.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.

On trees, mainly Fagus and Quercus, in forests, also on isolated trees, e.g. along roads, once on a fence post, rarely on sheltered, siliceous outcrops.

Belgium: Brab.: RRR (†<1900), Mosan: RRR (1959), Ard.: AC-AR, Lorr.: R.

Luxembourg: Ard.: AC, Lorr.: AR.

France: Ard.: RRR. Decreasing everywhere.

Lit.: L4: 19, La66: 449-450, WS: 31, 65.

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