Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Chaenotheca phaeocephala (Turner) Th. Fr.  by Paul Diederich   Chaenotheca phaeocephala (Turner) Th. Fr.
« Chaenotheca laevigataChaenotheca stemonea »

Syn.: C. chlorella auct., non (Ach.) Müll. Arg., C. hispidula auct. belg., non (Ach.) Zahlbr., C. trabinella (A. L. Sm.) A. L. Sm.

Corticolous in deep crevices of old Quercus, once on Malus in an orchard.

Belgium: Mosan: RR (1965), Ard.: RR.

Luxembourg: Lorr.: RRR.

France: - .

Lit.: Di: 90, L3: 29.

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