Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Chaenothecopsis pusilla (Ach.) A. F. W. Schmidt © by Paul Diederich   Chaenothecopsis pusilla (Ach.) A. F. W. Schmidt
« Chaenothecopsis parasitasterChaenothecopsis vainioana »
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0.1 mm
Chaenothecopsis pusilla – Luxembourg (Lorr.), Bettembourg, Betebuerger Bësch, 2009, Eichler & Cezanne B16 – © 2009 by P. Diederich

Syn.: Calicium pusillum Flörke, Chaenothecopsis subpusilla (Vain.) Tibell, Calicium floerkei Zahlbr.

Non-lichenized, lignicolous on dead Quercus, or lichenicolous, on the thallus of Hypocenomyce scalaris and Psilolechia clavulifera.

Belgium: Mosan: RR, Ard.: RR.

Luxembourg: Ard.: RRR.

France: Ard.: RRR.

Lit.: Di: 93-94, L5: 17, L10: 69, Ertz & Duvivier (2006: 47-48).

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