Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Gyalecta jenensis (Batsch) Zahlbr.  by Paul Diederich   Gyalecta jenensis (Batsch) Zahlbr.
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Gyalecta jenensis – Switzerland, Jura – © 2001 by Norbert Stapper

Saxicolous, on shaded, calcareous or sandstone rocks, either in natural or artificial (walls) habitats.

Belgium: Mosan: AR, Ard.: RR, Lorr.: RR.

Luxembourg: Lorr.: AR.

France: Boul.: RRR.

Lit.: Boul.: 69, Ertz: 19, Mü1: 142, NL77: 20, NL84: 14, NL87: 21, NL92: 170, NL97: 48.

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