Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Icmadophila ericetorum (L.) Zahlbr. © by Paul Diederich   Icmadophila ericetorum (L.) Zahlbr.
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Icmadophila ericetorum – France, Alpes-Maritimes, Parc du Mercantour – © 2008 by Bénédicte Feraud

Syn.: I. aeruginosa (Scop.) Trevis.

On soil, peat, plant debris, dead mosses and rotten wood, usually over siliceous or sandstone rocks in shaded conditions or among Cladonia patches.

Belgium: Camp.: RRR (†1850), Brab.: RR (†<1900), Ard.: RR, Lorr.: RR (1965).

Luxembourg: Lorr.: R→RR.

France: - .

Lit.: La66: 290-293, La68: 74, Mü4: 109, Diederich (1986a: 119), Feltgen (1902: 178).

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