Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Ionaspis lacustris (With.) Lutzoni © by Paul Diederich   Ionaspis lacustris (With.) Lutzoni

Syn.: Aspicilia lacustris (With.) Th. Fr., Hymenelia lacustris (With.) M. Choisy, Lecanora lacustris (With.) Nyl.

On siliceous, at least periodically inundated rocks, often in streams.

Belgium: Ard.: AR.

Luxembourg: Ard.: R.

France: Ard.: RRR.

The closely related species Ionaspis ceracea (Arnold) Hafellner & Türk, syn. Hymenelia ceracea (Arnold) M. Choisy may be present in the study area, but its taxonomic value remains to be studied (Lutzoni & Brodo 1995).

Lit.: La69: 105, Mü1: 150, NL87: 20, NL92: 170.

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