Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Lecanora subcarpinea Szatala  by Paul Diederich   Lecanora subcarpinea Szatala
« Lecanora subcarneaLecanora subsaligna »

Syn.: L. nemoralis auct., non Makar.

Corticolous, on smooth bark (e.g. of Fraxinus) in forests.

Belgium: Mosan: RR, Ard.: AR, Lorr.: RR.

Luxembourg: Ard.: RR, Lorr.: R.

France: Pic.: RRR, Lorr.: RRR.

Lit.: Di: 126-127 (sub L. leptyrodes), L5: 26 (sub L. leptyrodes), NL92: 155-156, NL97: 50.

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