Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Rhizocarpon reductum Th. Fr. © by Paul Diederich   Rhizocarpon reductum Th. Fr.
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Rhizocarpon reductum – – © 2003 by Norbert Stapper

Syn.: R. obscuratum auct., non (Ach.) A. Massal.

On siliceous rocks, in exposed or rather sheltered conditions, on natural outcrops, but especially common on slate debris in disused quarries, also on pebbles.

Belgium: Fl.: RRR, Camp.: RR, Brab.: RRR, Mosan: AR, Ard.: AR, Lorr.: RRR.

Luxembourg: Ard.: R.

France: Mar.: RR, Mosan: RRR, Ard.: RR, Lorr.: RR.

Lit.: Mü1: 144, Mü2: 197, NL77: 23, NL84: 17, NL87: 23, NL92: 173, Sé: 139, Van den Broeck et al. (2008).

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