Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Lecanora hagenii (Ach.) Ach.  by Paul Diederich   Lecanora hagenii (Ach.) Ach.
« Lecanora gislerianaLecanora handelii »

Corticolous on slightly nitrophilous bark of deciduous trees, or lignicolous, perhaps also occasionally saxicolous on siliceous rocks in nitrophilous communities.

Belgium: Mar.: RR, Fl.: AR, Camp.: RR, Brab.: AR, Mosan: AR, Ard.: RR, Lorr.: RR

Luxembourg: Lorr.: AR.

France: Mar.: R, Boul.: RR, Lorr.: RRR.

The distinction of this species from L. dispersa and L. umbrina is still poorly understood, and some records might be misidentifications.

Lit.: Boul.: 70, Di: 125-126, DSL: 240, Ho: 117, 151, Mü1: 152, NL84: 15.

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