Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Parmelina tiliacea (Hoffm.) Hale  by Paul Diederich   Parmelina tiliacea (Hoffm.) Hale
« Parmelina quercina var. quercina
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Parmelina tiliacea – Luxembourg (Ard.), Hoscheid – © 1998 by Charles Reckinger

Syn.: Parmelia tiliacea (Hoffm.) Ach., P. scortea (Ach.) Ach.

Mainly on old roadside trees (e.g. on Fraxinus), also in orchards, exceptionally saxicolous on old walls.

Belgium: Mar.: RR, Fl.: RR (†<1900), Camp.: RR, Brab.: AR, Mosan: AC, Ard.: AC, Lorr.: AC.

Luxembourg: Ard.: AC, Lorr.: AC.

France: Boul.: RR, Pic.: R, Mosan, Ard., Lorr.: AC.

Lit.: Boul.: 71, Ca: 153, Ho: 139, 198, 608, La66: 436-437, Qu: 113, 415, WS: 44, 88.

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