Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Peltigera neckeri Müll. Arg. © by Paul Diederich   Peltigera neckeri Müll. Arg.
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Peltigera neckeri – Luxembourg (Ard.), Hoscheid – © 2004 by Charles Reckinger

Syn.: P. polydactyla auct. belg. p.p., non (Neck.) Hoffm.

On terricolous mosses, usually in highly mineralized conditions, very rarely at the base of 'dusty' trees.

Belgium: Mar.: RR, Fl.: RRR, Brab.: R, Mosan: R, Ard.: RR, Lorr.: RR (1962).

Luxembourg: Ard.: RR, Lorr.: R.

France: Mar.: RR, Mosan: RRR, Lorr.: RRR.

Lit.: Boul.: 71, Goffinet et al. (1995: 195-196), Vitikainen (1994: 66).

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