Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Phlyctis argena (Spreng.) Flot.  by Paul Diederich   Phlyctis argena (Spreng.) Flot.
« Phlyctis agelaea
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Phlyctis argena – Luxembourg (Lorr) – © 2004 by M. Lafontaine

Corticolous, on all kinds of deciduous trees, in open and sheltered conditions.

Belgium: Mar.: R, Fl.: RR, Camp.: AR, Brab.: AC, Mosan: C, Ard.: C, Lorr.: CC.

Luxembourg: Ard.: C, Lorr.: CC.

France: Mar.: RR, Boul.: AR, Pic.: AR, Lorr.: R.

Lit.: Ba: 10, Boul.: 72, Ca: 116-117, Di: 194-195, DSL: 237, Ho: 205, NL84: 16, NL97: 53.

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