Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Usnea articulata (L.) Hoffm.  by Paul Diederich   Usnea articulata (L.) Hoffm.
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Usnea articulata – Great Britain, Cornwall, Lostwithiel – © 2006 by Paul Diederich

Terricolous, in sand dunes, or corticolous on well-lit trees in forests or at their edge.

Belgium: Mar.: RRR (†1917), Ard.: RR (†<1900), Lorr.: RRR (†1963).

Luxembourg: - .

France: Mar.: RRR (1996), Pic.: RRR (1972).

Now extinct throughout the area of study.

Lit.: L4: 19, La66: 453-454, Vanbrugghe et al. (2002).

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