Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Xanthoparmelia stenophylla (Ach.) Ahti & D. Hawksw. © by Paul Diederich   Xanthoparmelia stenophylla (Ach.) Ahti & D. Hawksw.
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Xanthoparmelia stenophylla – Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz, Eierkopf – © 2007 by Norbert Stapper

Syn.: X. somloŽnsis (Gyeln.) Hale, X. taractica (Kremp.) Hale, Parmelia taractica Kremp., P. stenophylla (Ach.) Heugel

On dry and sunny, natural outcrops of siliceous rocks.

Belgium: - .

Luxembourg: Ard.: RRR.

France: Mosan: RRR.

Lit.: L8: 4, Schl: 134, 240, Lambinon & Sérusiaux (1985b: 210).

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