Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Xanthoria calcicola Oxner  by Paul Diederich   Xanthoria calcicola Oxner
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Xanthoria calcicola – Luxembourg (Lorr.), Bonnevoie – © 1998 by Charles Reckinger

Syn.: X. aureola auct., non (Ach.) Erichsen

Saxicolous, exceptionally corticolous, in natural and artificial habitats, always in nitrophilous conditions.

Belgium: Mar.: AC, Fl.: AR, Camp.: AR, Brab.: AR, Mosan: AC, Ard.: AR, Lorr.: R.

Luxembourg: Ard.: R, Lorr.: AR.

France: Mar.: R, Boul.: RR, Pic.: RR, Mosan: RRR, Lorr.: AR.

Lit.: Boul.: 74, Ho: 241, La66: 468, VGH: 114, Duvigneaud & Lambinon (1963: 47).

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