Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Abrothallus microspermus Tul.  by Paul Diederich   Abrothallus microspermus Tul.
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Abrothallus microspermus – Belgium (Ard.), Herbeumont, on Flavoparmelia caperata, 1985, Diederich 6130 (anamorph) – © 2006 by P. Diederich

Anamorph: Vouauxiomyces truncatus (B. de Lesd.) Dyko & D. Hawksw., syn. Phoma truncata B. de Lesd.

Lichenicolous, on Flavoparmelia caperata, usually in anamorphic stage.

Belgium: Mosan: RR, Ard.: RRR.

Luxembourg: Lorr.: RR.

France: Mar.: RRR, Brab.: RRR (<1910, type locality of P. truncata).

Lit.: BDL1: 277, Boul.: 66, Di: 30-31, LF0: 6, NL97: 44.

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