Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France

Distribution map of Acarospora tongletii (Hue) H. Olivier  by Paul Diederich   Acarospora tongletii (Hue) H. Olivier
« Acarospora sinopicaAcarospora veronensis »

Syn.: Lecanora tongletii Hue ("tongleti")

On hard calcareous rocks in dry and sunny places.

Belgium: Mosan RRR (1894, type locality), most probably overlooked.

Luxembourg: - .

France: - .

This species is usually mentioned as A. tongleti Hue, but, to our knowledge, Hue described it in Lecanora and has never transferred it to Acarospora. Olivier (1909) seems to be the first author to have done it. The status of this species requires further studies.

Lit.: Clauzade et al. (1981: 73), Hue (1898), Magnusson (1929: 285-286).

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