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Organisation of the checklist - Species included

The present checklist includes all taxa of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi which have been recorded in the study area. Non-lichenized and non-lichenicolous fungi are only included if

  • they are loosely or doubtfully associated with algae or cyanobacteria (e. g. Naetrocymbe fraxini);
  • they have often been considered as lichens in the past (e. g. Naetrocymbe saxicola);
  • they have traditionally been studied by lichenologists (e. g. some species of Caliciales);
  • they are fungicolous on species occasionally considered as lichens (e. g. Nectriopsis indigens on Naetrocymbe saxicola);
  • they are genuinely non-lichenized fungi that look like lichens and have never been collected and studied by other mycologists (e. g. species of Lichenothelia and Peridiothelia).

We also include some lichenicolous species which are likely to be just saprotrophic and not truly (i. e. obligatory) lichenicolous. The non-lichenized genera Mniacea Boud. and Sarea Fr. have not been included.

As a rule, we only accept taxa for which we have studied the corresponding specimens, and published relevant data in one of our recent papers. For some poorly known genera, like Verrucaria, we also accept a limited number of species which have been published rather recently by other lichenologists, but for which we have not examined any material. Older published records for which we were unable to examine any corresponding specimens have not been accepted, unless otherwise stated.