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Organisation of the checklist - Nomenclature

The nomenclature follows the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature of 2000 (the so-called Saint Louis Code).

Author abbreviations follow Kirk & Ansell (1992), except Dutch names beginning with 'van', like 'van den Boom' and 'van Herk', which are not abbreviated, and 'Bouly de Lesdain' which is abbreviated as 'B. de Lesd.', and not 'de Lesd.'. The use of 'ex', 'in' and 'em.' has been avoided, making the author citations as short as possible (e. g. Lecanora conizaeoides Cromb., instead of 'Nyl. ex Cromb.'; Lecania inundata (Körb.) M. Mayrhofer, instead of '(Körb.) M. Mayrhofer in Nimis & Poelt'; Lecanora gisleriana Müll. Arg., instead of 'Müll. Arg. em. J. Steiner').

Nomina nuda and 'ad int.' names, i. e. not validly published names, are avoided as much as possible, unless they have already been published elsewhere, or if they are in press and likely to be printed within a few months.