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Credits - About this website

This site has been created to inform about lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France. Webdesign, scripting and hosting are facilitated by the Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois.

Content of the website The content, where not otherwise stated, was compiled by Paul Diederich. Most texts and the entire checklist are updated from Diederich & Sérusiaux (2000).
Data of distribution maps Data used for distribution maps include: (a) data compiled from literature and unpublished reports; (b) unpublished data collected by Paul Diederich; (c) unpublished data kindly provided by colleagues, including A. M. Brand, D. Ertz, J. Lambinon, P. van den Boom and D. Van den Broeck. The definition of the IFBL grid in northern France was realized with the help of J. Signoret.
Photographs Most photographs illustrating lichens and lichenicolous fungi were done by N. Stapper, C. Reckinger, D. Ertz and P. Diederich. Some were offered by H.-O. Baral, J.-Y. Baugnée, J. L. Besson, R. Cezanne, D.-J. Decker, J.-P. Duvivier, B. Feraud, J.-M. Feraud, C. Fontaine, M. Garnier-Delcourt, C. Gerstmans, A. Geuens, O. Heylen, J. Kocourková, F. Kuborn, M. Lafontaine, G. Marson, P. & B. van den Boom, D. van den Broeck and F. Vermeulen.
Webdesign & scripting Christian Ries, Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois.

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Webhosting This site is hosted by the Luxembourg association Think a.s.b.l. (
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