FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Are there specific browser related problems?

The information below is not up to date anymore. Most modern browsers should render the pages of this website without problems.

The good news: almost none with the latest browser versions. We recommend Firefox because at present time it is the only browser respecting almost all the rules of W3C.

Please report any problems with your browser specifying the browser name and version, and the operating system.

*** APPLE ***

FIREFOX: not tested yet.
SAFARI (2.0.4.): site works, maps could not be tested, no SVG plugin available.
INTERNET EXPLORER for Mac (5.2.): does not work at all, no site no maps.

*** LINUX ***

FIREFOX ( - 3.0.3): no problems reported.
ICEAPE (1.1.5): no problems reported.
GNOME WEB BROWSER (2.14.3): too big display of map legend.
KONQUEROR (3.5.2): minor layout problems while scrolling pages. (3.5.8.): no problems reported.

*** WINDOWS ***

FIREFOX ( - 3.0.3): no problems reported.
NETSCAPE: no problems reported.
INTERNET EXPLORER (6 & 7): normally no problems, depending on local settings.
OPERA 9: no problems reported. OPERA 8: [1] No rendering of the coordinates and the legend text of the distribution maps (SVG). [2] No printing of the species descriptions, probably iframes are not allowed to be printed.