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Paul Diederich

Research associate of the
National Museum of Natural History
25, rue Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg


Taxonomy and phylogeny of lichens and lichenicolous fungi.
Lichen checklist and distribution atlas from Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France.
Lichens from the Indian Ocean.




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Selected Publications

Lichens from Belgium and Luxembourg

Diederich, P. & E. Sérusiaux (2000) The lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Belgium and Luxembourg. An annotated checklist. Musée national d'histoire naturelle, Luxembourg, 208 pp.

Sérusiaux, E., P. Diederich & J. Lambinon (2004) Les macrolichens de Belgique, du Luxembourg et du nord de la France. Clés de détermination. Ferrantia 40: 188 pp.

Lichens from Extra-European Countries

Diederich, P., R. Lücking, A. Aptroot, H. J. M. Sipman, U. Braun, T. Ahti & D. Ertz (2017) New species and new records of lichens and lichenicolous fungi for the Seychelles. Herzogia 30: 182–236.

Aptroot, A., P. Diederich, E. Sérusiaux & H. Sipman (1997) Lichens and lichenicolous fungi from New Guinea. Bibliotheca Lichenologica 64: 220 pp.

Nash III, T. H., B. D. Ryan, P. Diederich, C. Gries & F. Bungartz (2004) Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region. Vol. 2. Arizona State University, 742 pp.

Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Lichenicolous Fungi

Diederich, P., J. D. Lawrey & D. Ertz (2018) The 2018 classification and checklist of lichenicolous fungi, with 2000 non-lichenized, obligately lichenicolous taxa. Bryologist 121: 340–426.

Lawrey, J. D. & P. Diederich (2003) Lichenicolous fungi: interactions, evolution and biodiversity. The Bryologist 106: 80-120.

Diederich, P. (1996) The lichenicolous heterobasidiomycetes. Bibliotheca Lichenologica 61: 198 pp.

Ertz, D., C. Christnach, M. Wedin & P. Diederich (2005) A world monograph of the genus Plectocarpon (Roccellaceae, Arthoniales). Bibliotheca Lichenologica 91: 155 pp.

Diederich, P., M. Zhurbenko & J. Etayo (2002) The lichenicolous species of Odontotrema (syn. Lethariicola) (Ascomycota, Ostropales). Lichenologist 34: 479-501.

Diederich, P. & J. Etayo (2000) A synopsis of the genera Skyttea, Llimoniella and Rhymbocarpus (lichenicolous Ascomycota, Leotiales). Lichenologist 32: 423-485.

Diederich, P., D. Ertz, J. D. Lawrey, M. Sikaroodi & W. A. Untereiner (2013) Molecular data place the hyphomycetous lichenicolous genus Sclerococcum close to Dactylospora (Eurotiomycetes) and S. parmeliae in Cladophialophora (Chaetothyriales). Fungal Diversity 58: 61–72.

Diederich, P., J. D. Lawrey, M. Sikaroodi, P. van den Boom & D. Ertz (2012) Briancoppinsia, a new coelomycetous genus of Arthoniaceae (Arthoniales) for the lichenicolous Phoma cytospora, with a key to this and similar taxa. Fungal Diversity 52: 1–12.

Diederich, P., J. D. Lawrey, M. Sikaroodi & P. M. Gillevet (2011) A new lichenicolous teleomorph is related to plant pathogens in Laetisaria and Limonomyces (Basidiomycota, Corticiales). Mycologia 103: 525–533.

Diederich, P. & J. Lawrey (2007) New lichenicolous, muscicolous, corticolous and lignicolous taxa of Burgoa s. l. and Marchandiomyces s. l. (anamorphic Basidiomycota), a new genus for Omphalina foliacea, and a catalogue and a key to the non-lichenized, bulbilliferous basidiomycetes. Mycological Progress 6: 61-80.

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